Birth Doula Testimonials 


Photo Credit: Autumn Wilson Photography

Mary is an incredible doula and hiring her was the best decision my husband and I could have made for the birth of our first baby. I was very nervous, but Mary helped us through and gave us confidence before, during, and after the birth. Her vast knowledge, helpful suggestions, encouragement, and calming presence were exactly what we needed and we couldn’t have done it without her. I highly recommend her to anyone I know who is pregnant and hope to have Mary at the births of all of our future children.Katie, Fergus Falls, Minnesota

Birth-Doula-Testimonial-MandyRemember, having a doula reduces your chance of having a C-section. And ours went above and beyond. She is evidence based (which so many people don’t know that our hospitals and clinics aren’t…) the way we were treated when they knew we had a doula was amazing!   She typed up moment by moment the day our little Tempie arrived.  The day of her first birthday, my husband and I sat down and read it…crazy how many details you forget over just a year!  We look forward to reading it to her every year on her birthday!  Mary Carlson, you are AMAZING at what you do! 

We adore Mary! She’s taken the gifts God gave her of informed education, compassion, patience and understanding and put them into her work!Mandy, Wahpeton, North Dakota

Mary made the difference in my labor and birth experiences. She radiates hope and support. Because of her, I was confident in my birth choices while feeling extremely supported in those choices. She offers great prenatal support as well as postnatal care. She is thorough, experienced, and knowledgeable. I am convinced calming is her number one attribute. I would not choose to deliver without Mary by my side.Emma, Wahpeton, North Dakota
Mary is great; very calming, supportive and reassuring.  She offered expertise so I, as a husband, didn’t feel pressure to know more than I did.  She served as another support partner so I was not alone in helping my wife through labor and delivery. She assisted in 2 of our 3 deliveries and we wish we would have known about her for our first child was born.Jay, Wahpeton, North Dakota

I was pretty nervous about my VBAC and knew I needed extra support and knowledge in the room, someone who believed in natural birth and believed in me. Mary was just the one we needed. My husband and I are a pretty good team and don’t need a ton of intervention, and Mary was the perfect mix of respectful, supportive, confident, calm, knowledgeable, steady, present, and willing when needed. I remember key moments when I turned to her and she was there, in just the ways I’d asked her to be. I felt safe and more at ease knowing we weren’t alone in the process, and I truly believe that made a difference in my ability to labor and succeed in having my son completely naturally. We are forever grateful Mary was there with us. I never hesitate to recommend her to any family. Birth is better with support.Lydia, Breckenridge, Minnesota

Mary is an awesome doula! I could not have done this without her! Not only was Mary a huge support and encouragement to me, but she was a huge support to my husband. The fact that Mary believed in me and had the tools to help me through labor, gave my husband the confidence to encourage and be there for me. 
Lisa, Fargo, North Dakota

Childbirth Class Testimonials

We had such a wonderful birth experience and truly have you to thank. We felt so prepared and confident after your class. My husband’s approach to birth was completely changed and he really enjoyed and learned a lot as well. We feel so blessed to have connected with you and to have learned so much.Madison & George
I would highly recommend this class.  It showed me a lot of info I did not know.  It wasn’t just about breathing and positions.  It was about birth and what can happen.  Mary was very nice and informative.  She showed us hands-on what we can do to better ourselves and what can be done in certain conditions.Wes

The classes were very informational. There is a lot more than you think or expect with birth/breastfeeding. It was so helpful for my husband & I to work as a team. Overall great experience for breathing, positions, and what to expect with certain situations.Dani
It is very informative, not just if you want a natural birth but just about the whole birthing process.  The instructor is very well-informed and very friendly.Amber
I liked how hands on the class was.  The things we were uncertain about got answered.  The teacher can get the point across without being dry or boring.Jared
Well worth it, especially if this is your first pregnancy.  I have a better idea of what to expect and what I want my birthing experience to be like now.  I also know what questions to ask.An expectant mother

I liked the information – I learned a lot I didn’t know and it is info I can see myself utilizing.  I liked the presentation – I liked the hands on material and the personalization of being one on one.Nikki