Lactation Counseling

breastfeedingmomWEBDo you wonder how to get a great start with breastfeeding?  Are you hoping your baby will be satisfied, you will be comfortable, and baby will be gaining weight at a healthy pace?  Perhaps right now your baby is crying, upset, and not latched on well.  You thought this would be easier and you wonder if it will always be this hard.  You want to know if your baby is getting enough and you want to feel like you can be good at nursing your baby.

I can help you…

  • Get breastfeeding off to an uncomplicated start
  • Help your baby get a good latch
  • Prevent or care for sore nipples
  • Know if baby is getting enough to eat
  • Learn simple strategies to increase your milk supply
  • Overcome feeding difficulties
  • Feel more calm and confident in nursing your baby
  • Find breastfeeding rewarding and satisfying
  • Come up with strategies for continuing breastfeeding when you return to work or school

I will work with you and baby in your home or in the hospital for a 1-hour session.  Contact me before birth, right after birth, or at any point during the breastfeeding relationship.  The cost is $35 per visit.

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